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The perfect formula?

(Premium quality+Fair price)= Happy Customer

GLB's ultimate goal is to serve premium quality products at the most reasonable prices possible. The company's mission is to gain long term happy customers by maintaining fairness in price and high standards in produce freshness and qaulity. In order to do so, Gold Label Burgers has limited its margins to sustain fair retail pricing and gain market share. The GLB team is commited to monitoring quality and freshness of all produce to ensure all standards are met. Hence the 'Happy' formula!



We came.... we saw... we dropped the burger bomb.... Those are the words that best describe Gold Label Burgers launch in the market. 

For a long while the founders of Gold Label Burgers aka GLB, wondered why it was that certain foods in the F&B industry  had higher demand and selling point than many others. The list includes burgers, pizza, french fries and a few others. These thoughts drew the GLB team to study what the real secrets behind the ingredients were, and why they caused people to have such highly committed urges toward these foods. Soon after, the big discovery came to light and the founders decided to unveil the secret ' The fifth taste' which is perfectly represented in the 'UMAMI BAGA' and several other GLB products.

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